LS Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours Pricing Structure

You can have a Virtual Tour on your business website for as little as £170.

The above price is for three panoramic views and two still images.

Additional Views

  • Panoramic Images £25
  • Still images £10

Additional Options

  • Hot spots £10 per scene
  • Voice-overs £10 per scene
  • Pop up windows (Image included if required) £10 each

Interactive Floor Plans

The cost of an interactive floor plan as part of a Virtual Tour is £60 per Floor.

If however, you can supply a sketch or an existing jpeg image of the layout, the price would then be £35 per floor.

These prices are set, but if the work involved to create a floor plan is deemed excessive then extra costs could be incurred. This is at our discretion.

Interactive Maps or Pictures

If you can provide a map or an aerial picture and would like it to be made interactive then the price would be £35 per image.

Floor Plans

If you can provide a sketch or existing plan and you would like it to be redrawn or updated for perhaps a brochure or to be displayed on a website then the cost would be £40 per floor.

As above, if it is deemed that excessive work is required to create the floor plan then extra costs could be incurred. This again is at our discretion.

All web products can be sent either by email or on a CD, and come with full instructions on how to add them to your website.

Travel Expenses

The first 50 miles of travel are included in the price of your virtual tour. For each additional mile after that (to destination only) we charge 40p, as calculated by the RAC route finder.

If you have any questions regarding our services please don't hesitate to contact us

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