Photography Services, North East England

How our photography service works!

We can provide standard, fisheye and one shot panoramic images by demand to companies requiring photographs taken in the North East of England.

The service we provide for standard/still images works as follows -

  • The customer provides us with their requirements.
  • We have a minimum order/deposit policy, which would be the distance from Consett to the place of work, in miles, multiplied by 0.40. This amount would have to be paid before any work takes place.(To cover our travel expenses).
  • We would visit the place of work and take numerous photographs of the rooms/scenes as requested.
  • The customer would then be provided with a viewer, via a link sent by email, providing them with the opportunity to view all the photographs taken that day.
  • All photographs would be given an individual number. The customer then views the pictures and makes a note of the photographs they would like to purchase.
  • The customer then emails us stating the numbers of the photographs they would like to order.
  • The total cost of all the photographs would then be calculated and the customer invoiced for the outstanding amount.
  • The photographs would the be delivered either via email or on a disc through the post(which ever is prefered).

Please click on the image below to see an example of how you would view your images.

online photograph viewer

As well as standard photographs we can also capture fisheye and one shot images for use by other virtual tour companies who require work done in the North East of England, saving them long journeys and helping to keep their tour costs down. To find out more information on compatability and prices please contact us.

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