About LS Virtual Tours

LS Virtual Tours are 360 virtual tour providers based in Consett, County Durham in the North East of England.

A virtual tour is the name given to a series of still or panoramic (360 degree) images collated together and displayed on a web page or website. We specialise in property virtual tour, business virtual tour and leisure virtual tour solutions.

An example of a school virtual tour.

The internet is a shop window to the world for every business. First impressions count, sometimes you only get one chance to hook a customer. If you don't show your property or business off to it's maximum potential you risk loosing vital new customers almost immediately. Using a virtual tour enables you to show more than ever before by allowing rooms or scenes to be viewed as if you were actually stood there yourself. The images rotate aroun 360 degrees showing everything that is on offer which increases the customers confidence.

If you are looking for a hotel to stay in, ask yourself which one you would book - The hotel that shows you poor quality still images of a part of room or bar (leaving a lot to the imagination), or the one where you can see the whole of the room or bar (showing you exactly what you are getting)? If I was paying a lot of money for a break with my family, I know which one I would go for!

As well as allowing you to show much more visual information about your property or business premises, a virtual tour can give your website a bit of the wow factor. If you have something on your website that it is a bit different, people will be drawn to it!. People are naturally very curious so if they see something they've never seen before, or are aware of virtual tours, they will want to try it out! Even if they have come to your website by mistake, if you have a means of keeping them on your site for a few second longer, who knows what it could lead to!

As well as panoramic and still images, our virtual tours can also include interactive floor plans (as well as maps and aerial photographs), 3D floor plans, full screen viewing (as standard), clickable hotspots, web links and can be branded to perfectly match your existing website. On top of this we also offer free advertising for your tour on 360virtualnorth.com, our brand new interactive marketing website.

To see more examples of 360 virtual tours we have produced, and details on pricing, please visit the relevant links.

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